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Just a little side note:
I had two lovely ladies help me with this photo shoot.  Michelle D. was one of the models and Michele G. was the photographer and we were on Captain Bob's Boat in the Oceanside, CA marina. 
I believe this is a timeless style and these are timeless Photos taken in 2011.  This truly was a lovely day.

The inspiration: 
I designed and created this jacket
totally by hand.  No machine.  I loved it then, I love it now.


Will Debut Spring 2024

Welcome to
C.W.O. Jacket Design
"A Unique Collection of Wearable Art Jackets"

Designed and Created by Catherine Watson

Est. 2011


Thank you for stopping by my webpage featuring

one of my passions...
One of a Kind Crafted Jackets.

The POETIC Jacket: 
A uniquely designed jacket created with assorted beautiful wool.
The VINTAGE Jacket: 
Creating Jackets by letting the vintage fabric speak...
The ECLECTIC Jacket: 

Wonderful finds.. with assorted fabrics 



C Watson Originals
Catherine Watson ~ Designer 

This is a Exciting and New Collection of 
Wearable Art Jackets Created with Care, 
Top Stitched by Hand and Guaranteed Unique.


This brown and black printed jacket was beautiful.  Also sold,
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