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Thank you for visiting my website.  I have been designing for years: clothing, landscapes, websites, interiors and more.  


I  love the design process while creating something that is just perfect for my client.

As I design your project,  I pay close attention to who you are, your personality and how that relates to your personal use and needs. I am under the belief that we need to infuse as much of self as we can into our projects. I intend to infuse YOU into YOUR special project. 


My process is simple: we meet to discuss what you are looking for. I will request photos, text, links or whatever else is important for you. I will start the design process sending you a link in the very beginning to be sure we are both on the same page. Upon your approval, I then move forward to create and finish your project. My intention is to finish in a respectable timely manner.


I am one of those people that works from both sides of the brain, both creative and logical... I see creatively with a problem solving foundation.. 


I love designing as I look forward to designing your project.


Hope to hear from you soon!


Catherine Watson

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