Welcome to CWO DESIGN ~ Website Design for small and medium business,  I infused your personality with aesthetics, function and flow. Fast - Great Prices
 Welcome to A Small Business Website Designer-CWO Design, I infused your personality with aesthetics, function and flow. Fast - Great Prices
CWO Design ~ Website Design
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my site...  I have created  this site to show you 
my creativity, 
diversity and style...  

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Catherine Watson
"I take the One Dimensional and  Infuse it with Your Personality, along with
Aesthetics , Function and Flow and... I Always Design with YOU in Mind!"
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          ~ Design/Consultant Services

CWO Design offers Creative and Effective design/consultant services
Design and Consultant Services by Catherine is a design service that brings decades of experience in both interior and exterior, website and graphic, art and photography.  

Below you will see my Landscape Design Rates and my Website Design Rates.

 Generally, I charge $75 an hour for Design and Consultation service.  If you have a project that needs to be designed from start to finish, I can do that.  If you need help with decisions, design direction or just moral support on your project, I can do that as well.  I welcome a conversation if you have any questions.  On this site you will see a variety of design options.  My goal is to always design with my Client in mind.  

It is not about me...it is all about YOU!

Keep an eye on our site for updates... As with design, things are always changing as this site is being re-focused and designed.  With the need for an designer that listens, we have found that consultation services is timely right now.  

Thank you for stopping by & come back often for updates and revisions...

Catherine Watson  
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