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65 and still holding strong

I think about it. At my age I should be thinking of retiring and yet, that probably will never happen. I think about how I spend the summer popping up a tent for Farmers Markets. Summer of 2018 I popped up in 2 markets, this summer it will be in 4 markets.

It does take energy to do such a thing, especially alone. Interestingly enough, many mid age ladies and gents are popping up and working the Markets. Why you might ask being it is a lot of work? I do believe the answer is: Independence. Yes, we are a group of artistic types who like are independence. Hippies? Some are. Gypsy's? Some are. Artsy? Yes! But what holds true to all is that we like our independence.

So get ready! Spring is here and summer is approaching. We will greet you in any number of Markets, Street Fairs, Etc. Rain or Shine you will find the group of Artists that have guts to forge a different path.

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