I Love the Oregon Coast

When someone mentions the Oregon coast, the next thing you hear is I LOVE THE OREGON COAST.  As a Native Southern Californian, and one who loves the warm breezes of California, I fell in love with the Oregon Coast and its beauty, and settled along the NW pacific coast.

And, that is why I started this little line of I LOVE THE OREGON COAST T's.  

3 designs for women, two for men.

3 bodies for women, two for men

Short Sleeve T's, men or women, are $24 each.  

Long Sleeve T's, Unisex, are $29 each.  

Colors as per the page below. 

Men's T's are in a Black, Grey or white.  Only the Ladies v-neck comes in assorted colors

Lettering is White or Black

Lime          Grey       Black       Coral        Blue       Pink

Will Ship in 7-14 days.  

We will give an estimate when order is placed.

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