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A little about me:


Thank you for visiting my website.  I have been designing for years: clothing, landscapes, websites, interiors and more.  


 In the early eights, I started painting fabric, by accident.  It was one of those accidents that turned into a business.  As one who has been design and making my own clothes since the age of 12, sewing was always my go to talent so when the sewing merged with painting, it was a big surprise to me.  I never really had any talent at painting but I soon was making a living painting on fabric.  I design a line of resort wear, C.Watson Originals.  I sold to a couple dozen boutiques in California, Arizona, and Hawaii.  I set up in numerous Arts and Craft Shows which I met with a great response.  I had something people liked and would buy.  I worked my wearable art business for nearly 10 years when the 90’s kicked in and people were not looking for pretty but for Glitzy.  I did not do Glitzy!  Due to the change in style, I took a job selling high end furniture thinking I would do both.  I did not. 


Fast forward, in 2017, I re-introduced my C.Watson Originals living on the coast  in the Pacific North West.  I was not sure it would be received thinking maybe the public would look at it as dated. Thankfully they did not.  I was very pleased and surprise to see such a wonderful response to my style of painting and that kicked off my one of a kind hand-painted wearable art once again. 


I stayed busy in the PNW working up to 4 markets a week, again creating a following of collectors.  I even met a few ladies who had bought my items back in the 90’s-that is always fun.  Again, I was met with success and had a nice business that I enjoyed.  In the summer of 2019 I actually sold around 1000 pieces and then, 2020.  We all know about 2020.


2020 has not been a good year for markets which spun me into something all together new and different.  In Jan 2020, in my down time, I started drawing.  I paint fabric with an eye dropper; I am not great at drawing.   My thought was to take a 100 page blank journal and start practicing my drawing everyday which I thought, I could only get better the more I do it.  To my surprise, I got better.  From practicing this skill I came up with 100 pages of floral drawings which, by watching Youtube videos, I learned how to publish on Kindle/Amazon.  When I published my first coloring book, I was excited.  I kept drawing and creating my second coloring book.  I now have more than 150 low content books on Amazon.  You can find the link at any of the Amazon icon as well as a page with several of these books on my website. 


Now, I have about 300 pages of drawings, what do I do now? I now learned how to create items on Print on Demand sites and loaded them onto my website. All the items on this site are Print on Demand(POD).  What does that mean?  I create the art work, load onto any number of items and they sell via a 3rd party printer.  That printer also will ship them out.  This is a win win for you and for me.  I have several items under Color Your Own that allows you to take your favorite coloring pens or paints and make your own wearable art with just a little help from me.  Keep them in black and white or create something that is you!


For me, being Creative is just part of who I am.  Painting, drawing, designing, and photography keeps me busy.  I have not been board while kicking this new leg of my business in 2020.  Twenty twenty, although very challenging, has given me the opportunity to explore deeper my talent. 


Thank you so much for stopping by CWO Design.  I am constantly adding, taking away and fine-tuning the products here.  Soon I will have a website devoted to all originals; C.Watson Originals.  Stay tuned for that. 


Until Covid is gone and markets are open again, you can find me here or on Facebook or on Instagram or on Pinterest..  Follow, Share, Buy if you see something you like.


Thanks again for stopping by.  I love this process as I hope you enjoy it also.


Catherine Watson Artist/Designer

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