Welcome to CWO DESIGN ~ Website Design for small and medium business,  I infused your personality with aesthetics, function and flow. Fast - Great Prices
 Welcome to A Small Business Website Designer-CWO Design, I infused your personality with aesthetics, function and flow. Fast - Great Prices
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"I take the One Dimensional and  Infuse it with Your Personality, 
along with Aesthetics , Function and Flow.
I Always Design with YOU in Mind!"
Thank you for visiting my site...  
I have created  this site to show you 
my creativity, 
diversity and style...  

 Being I have re-locate to the Pacific Northwest, I am diversifying.  I am crazy in love with photography, the coast line and exploring new back roads.  With that said, I will continue to create websites for the small business but also will be marketing some of my photos.  Stay tuned to this site for updates.

Thanks for stopping by!
Catherine Watson
Design Consultant
541 ~ 272 ~ 2954
California USA, Oregon USA, Washington state USA, Utah USA, Arizona USA. Idaho USA
Aloha Painting Co Oceanside CA
 Dear Catherine,
     What a thrill it is for me to have a better website than i ever dreamed i would have. And it is all because of your experience in designing just the right colors, font, script and design in just the perfect format for each business, company and service websites that you have created. 
     Thank you for making my website come together so quickly and so seamlessly and for being so easy to work with.The whole experience was a joy because you listened to and valued my input and I respected your opinions and expertise.
~I can truly say my new website truly reflects not only me, but my company and my products.~
You put us both in the best light and I expect it will increase my sales this coming season and I owe it all to you!
Thank you again, Catherine.
Heaven Scent
 CWO Design has been a God send for me and my small business.
Catherine Watson built my a website that I love and has helped me try to forget about some of  the other companies that took me to the bank a couple times.    Catherine is there for me when ever I need to add pictures or take off from site.
Thanks so much! CWO Design
Dave Martin
Aloha Painting Co.
 I LOVE IT! It's perfect. Great job! We'll fine-tune as when we get the first machine installed.  I should have given you full artistic license  from the start. Thanks for your hard work. Let me know what's next.
3 Paws DvD
 I have known Catherine Watson for many years.   Initially I thought she was an artist with a good sense of business. After getting to know her betters I find she is much more.   To name a few, she is an excellent Networker and has belonged to a few Chapters over the years including opening our Carlsbad lunch prior to her current home in Beach Cities.    Her wearable art is unique, classic and of excellent quality.  
More recently Catherine has taken her artistic abilities online and combined with her business sense is creating websites with her hallmark creative flair. I appreciate her assistance in getting my Coaching site launched last year.
I would highly recommend Catherine as an Artist and Website Designer.  
Lisa Bentson
Leads Club CEO
Lisa Bentson-CEO Leads Club
Lisa Bentson
3 Paw DVD
Aloha Painting Co
Heaven Scent
For the past 12 years I have been chartering my sail boat . I am always looking for ways to get the word out for charters... I recently hired Catherine, CWO Design, to design, create and optimize a website for me. I am excited to say, with in just a couple weeks, my site went to the top of my category and the phone has started to ring. 

Catherine is very pleasant to work with and has good business and marketing sense. She takes time to understand what I was looking for and what I needed..
I am excited to say, I have stayed busy booking Charters off my website and my clients really get a feeling of myself and my boat.. 

I highly recommend CWO Design as your small business designer. She will do her best to give you just what you are looking for..
Capt Bob - Manfred Marine Unlimited
Sailboat Charter
 Thank you for featuring my business this week. I have truly enjoyed being a member of Beach Cities Leads Club and look forward to a long relationship with the ladies of Leads Club.  Catherine Watson
September 13, 2012 at 10:00am 

Michelle Balke:    Catherine is so knowledgeable and creative regarding website design or taking your existing website and tweaking it so it better reflects you and your business. She is a master of other designing, as well, including a line of clothing. If you have an idea for your website, but need someone to bring it to life for you, call Catherine Watson of CWO Designs!
September 13, 2012 at 10:36am · Like · 1

Ruth Nonaka:  Catherine is a designer of many things - websites - landscapes - fashion - and many other areas. . . She listens to your needs and designs with you in mind.
September 13, 2012 at 12:34pm · Like · 1

Luci Dumas:  Catherine is such a great resource for all things internet. So glad to know her!
September 13, 2012 at 7:56pm · Unlike · 1

Robynne Hanus:   Catherine Watson is truly an artist! Some people just have the knack and she definitely does! She'll brainstorm with you to "know you" and then make recommendations for how best to present yourself to the internet world - then she implements it for you. She's talented AND affordable. Amazing!
September 17, 2012 at 7:09am · Like · 2

Cathy Carroll- Peterson: Catherine really knows her stuff, she is truly amazing.
September 18, 2012 at 6:52am · Like · 2

Heidi Barlin:  Catherine Watson can design anything with you in mind. She is also an excellent problem solver with professionalism and polish!
September 19, 2012 at 11:46am · Unlike · 1

Dawn Sandberg:  Catherine Watson of CWO Design, website design. She is creative, knowledgeable and fun to work with. She puts your best foot forward and takes great care that your website is truly a reflection of you and yor business while being effective. Whether you have your own business or a franchise you will get customized website and great service!!!
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